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Nexwave has won many accolades from cellular network operators and major network equipment vendors for our track records in successful execution and reliable delivery of radio network planning, pre and post launch optimization as well as transmission planning in CDMA, GSM and UMTS networks. We are well regarded in the industry for our ability to undertake broad-base RNP/RNO projects and delivering tangible results in the form of cell site productivity and network quality improvement by consistently meeting or exceeding key network performance Indicators (KPIs) set by our demanding customers.

In the age of smart handsets and increasingly sophisticated users, network quality is of paramount importance in customer acquisition and retention. Since most of these network planning and optimization projects will typically require substantial short to medium term increases in accompanying manpower, cellular operators would generally prefer to outsource such planning and optimization services to external 3rd parties. This is an area where Nexwave can bring tremendous value.

Nexwave Technologies has the technical knowhow as well as proven system and processes to support large scale radio network implementations. Our team has successfully performed radio network planning and pre-launch optimization for more than 8000 new and swaps sites. Typically, our scope of work includes model tuning, initial planning, traffic dimensioning, frequency and parameter planning, RF and line of sight (LOS) survey and also drive test. In addition, we have the experience of executing large scale RF continuous optimization - for projects involving more than 40,000 TRXs simultaneously.

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