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Nexwave offers a complementary range of cellular radio products and solutions, from basic RF cables and accessories to hybrid In-building coverage systems, and even full scale radio access networks for GSM, UMTS and WiFi.

Miniaturised 2G/3G Cellular Networks

Nexwave’s line of miniature 2G and 3G base stations (also known as picocells) provides cellular operators a cost effective means to rapidly improve coverage gaps or deploy additional capacities.

The 2G picocell solution is a full fledge GSM radio access network comprising a BSC supporting up to 200 BTS. Each BTS is capable of one carrier with GPRS/EDGE support, and can be easily mounted inside building or installed in an outdoor shelter or weather-proof enclosure.

The Abis interface between BSC and the BTS is via any IP circuits, including a good quality public Internet connection, eliminating costly E1 backhaul circuits and thus making the picocell solution economically viable for operators.

And unlike repeaters and boosters, picocell solution delivers additional capacity pin-point to where they are required. When used for indoor coverage, they also relieve the macro network capacity thus improving network availability in congested urban and in-building conditions.

The 3G picocell solution is similar and comprises a central controller supporting up to several hundred access points. Each access point contains the nodeB and RNC functions and support both voice and HSPA data protocols. As with the 2G picocell solution, the backhaul is a simple IP circuit thus eliminating costly E1 circuits and allowing fast and easy installation wherever the access points need to be located.

By eliminating traditional E1 backhaul circuits, our picocell solutions also open the door for operators to cost effectively deploy coverage to many non-traditional areas, such as low density rural districts, emergency or disaster recovery, as well as mobile and marine platforms such as cruise ships, merchant fleets and oil and gas platforms.

In-Building Radio Coverage Systems

Nexwave leverages on our many years of engineering expertise in designing in-building coverage for multi-operator environments with a complete array of high-grade and cost effective RF materials such as coax cables, splitters and couplers, and compact wide-band ceiling-mount antennas.

We can also custom specify and build multi-band, multi-port RF combiners as part of the in-building coverage design.

For very large buildings and building clusters, we also provide high-power multi-band amplifiers as part of the design to ensure adequate RF power delivery.

RF Products and Accessories

Nexwave offers a comprehensive range of RF materials and accessories:

  • RF coaxial cables for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Outdoor cellular and microwave antennas
  • Indoor ceiling mount and panel cellular antennas
  • Cellular repeaters and amplifiers for GSM, CDMA and W-CDMA
  • Point-of-interface, combiners and splitters

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